the taboo topic



Franklin Templeton Investmentspartnered the TEDxGateway Mumbai in December 2012.

What makes an activist? What makes an entrepreneur?

An activist I am told evolves when a person backyard catches fire. Thais right, everybody can be great..because anybody can serve, it does not need a college degree. One just needs a heart full of love and a soul generated by love—said Martin Luther King Jr.

Any suffering brings about either one of the response,

  • Either complain and be bitter
  • Seek to transform with a creative force.

Listening to Arunachalam Murgananatham, .. I remember reading about him sometime back three issues emerged before me,

  • A woman’s embarrassment of something that is normal and natural for her biology
  • Lack of knowledge of unhygienic clothe usage or pads
  • The expensive feel dry ones not only being carcinogenic they are also non biodegradable.
  • There was lack of understanding of issues like premenstrual stress
  • Nutrition and personal hygiene.

To most mothers, their daughter’s menarche means warning them about boys and unwanted pregnancy. The taboo of having an “loose character” daughter rides high.

From where I was there is one thing I could do, I have started educating the girls on personal hygiene during the menstrual time. It means I address schools every Saturday on my time and money. On the next phase we plan to work on educating the parents.

indiblogger franklin templetonBut one other factor that I know I have to tackle is the biodegradability of the napkin. I did wonder how to tackle this, listening to Arunachalam I think I should come up with something.

Let me use this platform too to start my work.


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