Warning signs….of another kind.


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No, my friend, I am not drunk. I have just been to the dentist, and need not return for another six months! Is it not the most beautiful thought?
― Agatha Christie, One, Two, Buckle My Shoe




When we say dentistry every one thinks of filling decayed teeth, replacing the missing one and re-arranging the ones not aligned.

Well there is more to it.

If tackled properly many psychosomatic disorders manifest in the oral cavity as the first signals, or manifest as disturbances in the mouth physiology causing symptoms elsewhere which no amount of treatment or medication can solve. Migraines being a major one.

Face is the identity of a person so it is attended to. The muscles of the mouth and around it help in suckling as a baby, transient thumb-sucking, pencil biting in many adolescents and as erotic zones in adults, these therefore become zones of sensuous satisfaction and the target or platform for symptoms when not satisfactory.

Sunithi presented as a patient in the ENT as pain behind the ear, she was referred to dental section as the ENT did find anything wrong…

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