who killed Jack robbins?


ImageCorporate healthcare have consistently led the game since the global markets opened and the overseas Indian citizen is looking for investments. There have been innovation in medical specialties  on par with the WEST be it preventive health checkups (at the corporate level) robotic surgeries, or transplants. But has it really made a difference,

Are we focusing on the tree and forgetting the forest?

With robotic surgeries, telemedicine and transplants we the country where infant and maternal mortality rate is highest worldwide. Isn’t this ironic? This is not because of lack of care providers. The issue is socio-economic here.

India has a universal health care system run by the constituent states, and territories of India. The focus of which is to raise the standard of living and nutrition of its people. This is by the constitutional charter of 1983.

I emphasize again, this is the facility that the govt. Provides us and we choose the government to oversee all this for us, so we PROVIDE this facility for ourselves. This is how it works,

Every Panchayat, municipality or corporation has to have a primary healthcare centre, these centres attend to the small ailments of the public including wound suturing, and primary fracture stabilizing.

Each centre is to be equipped with a qualified medical personal an auxiliary health personal and an anganwadi worker. To sum up the scope of the primary healthcare centre

  • Routine illness
  • House calls to senior citizens and those who are immobile. (The patients cannot be charged for it, we already pay for this with our taxes.)
  • Treatment of primary trauma.
  • To predict and pre-empt epidemics
  • In some areas, to create rehabilitation and de-addiction centres, — usually with police recommendation.

Where these centres to work the way they were meant to then the load on the private sector hospitals and civil hospitals would come down. It would also bring down the cost of healthcare would almost come to nil and prevent the progress of disease into severe terminal illness.

Yet we have the highest maternal and infant mortality—WHO KILLED JACK ROBBINS? Why don’t these function? Before you say, govt. Corruption the answer is elsewhere, and it is so simple. In medical terms we call it disuse atrophy.  When something is not used it degenerates– the unused medical centre closes.

When these health centres breakdown the funds are stagnated for a while, it is not redistributed it gets quietly siphoned into a privy purse.

Why don’t we go there?

This is a very interesting phenomenon.

  • We equate money with quality so we assume that the doctor will do his best. – This doctor is the one who got through that murderous 10th grade, an obscenely perfect score in the 12th; hit the finishing line in the CET to get into that coveted government medical college.
  • We assume medications are out dated. –This is a possibility but nothing stops you from checking it out.

This impression is created by the paid press, which is a huge Machiavellian plot in itself. 

An activist begins his journey when his backyard catches fire, friends, our backyard is charred!

By the way –The anganwadi worker is appointed by the government to ensure that

  • Children are provided with day-care when mothers are at work
  • Nutrition of the kids is maintained at the angwadi.

The anganwadi workers also double as public educators.

To quote Barrack Obama “we must pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off, and begin again the work of remaking the country.”

To sum it up, let’s bring back the primary health care units; let us take the onus of having them properly run.

The country as a system called the Gramasabha that meets once a fortnight this is not to be confused with the Panchayat.  Decisions relating to our locality are taken there.

Let’s get involved in it and ensure our primary health centre works,

  • We ensure we have doctor, nurse in place.
  • We have our anganwadi in place
  • We wisely exercise our franchise to ensure that our Gramasabha works.

Let us me and you and the our dog named Boo,

Take responsibility for how we organize ourselves to provide a healthy environment for ourselves. This doubles in every facility provided by the government.

For the sovereign democratic republic of India is for the people, by the people of the people.




2 thoughts on “who killed Jack robbins?

    • I am not sure what is that you are wondering about is it
      • Why I am touting for govt. Hospitals
      • Or my miserliness with words.
      Well assuming that it is the words, I have not really done a good job, there is so much more to it, like primary health centres, secondary and tertiary. There are so many more things that could have gone in.
      As for primary health centers, we as citizens can ensure we get quality. It is something we pay as taxpayers, and it is our right. With RTI and citizen’s forum it is absolutely possible.
      For the movement to be effective it has to be a mass movement, for which awareness is required this is the area where we educated intellectuals fail.
      I am a doctor, and I have faced this dilemma where my patients assume that if I charge more I am good.

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