decorating life


zenThe way we take care of our home, reflects the way we look at ourselves,   but I have seen many people decorate their houses, some cluttering and some hoarding, yet in their person they would be very minimalistic.

This kind of threw me off, until I figured it was not about external aesthetic but about an internal attitude.

What if we were to look at the world as a Home? And decorate life?

Each day we could decorate our lives like we were decorating our homes.

Like the challenge of having a new or empty house to decorate, we can let our imagination wild considering various possibilities,

Our life offers us, opportunity to express ourselves in various contexts, to ask ourselves questions about what we want to see as we move through our days and how we want things to flow there are people who this instinctively, moving through the various environments, they function in, shifting their energy with their presence, these are people with a knack for decorating life.  It could simple things, the way they dress, the way they speak, and the simple gifts they carry when they visit someone.

We do make statements as we move through life this could be unintentional. We shift the energy when we are present ourselves elegantly dressed and swing it another way when we show up with flamboyant colours. It’s not about right and wrong it is about the mood we wish to create. The choice of clothes is just one of the choices, the way we speak to people, touch them is what really shifts the energy, like the tone in which the words are expressed, the music we play, it’s not about right  or wrong, better or worse it about the contribution we are called to make.

Maybe just as we consciously create an environment within our homes, we can consciously choose to decorate life, with or particular energy.  This will help us express our deeper selves so that the adornments we add to the world make it more meaningful and more beautiful, like a home that welcomes.


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