ImageIn esoteric Judaism of the cabala, the deep self is named the Neshamah, from the root of the word shmshm. To hear or listen. The Neshamah is she who listens, the soul who inspires or guides us – Star Hawk.

Listening is a skill to be honed.

We listen to music, talks and god knows what as long as we don’t listen to our inner voice. But these are processes required for art.

Art is about getting down and up. we are just facilitator the creation just emerges on its own. It is like taking dictation from an unknown underground source. Or like radio waves that we tune into. Somewhere we learn to pick the right frequency.

If you think that this is only about art think again this about that project that excites you, the program that you design once you accept the voice the universe hands things down to you one by one.

Just accept that the lord is your guide and flow along. Expect the universe to support your dream.

Listening is a form of acceptance.



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