People learn differently, there are visual learners, auditory learners; kinaesthetic learners so on so forth.

Visual learners use images words, pictures and graphs and diagrams to form memories.  To connect to these people.

  • Use of ppt.
  • Note pads  and pens to all attendees so that they can take notes
  • Make eye contact.

Auditory learners absorb through speaking and listening, reading aloud, having discussions about newer information. To connect with them

  • Repeat the significant details and main points
  • Divide your audience into small discussion group.

Kinesthic or tactile learners. They need to experience firsthand learning. They cannot sit, still for long. Role, play etc. Help them learn. These people can be involved by

  • incorporating  a hands on activity or pass around something worth examining that pertains to the subject
  • Allow the audience members the option of sitting or something
  • Suggest locations such as museums or learning centres,
  • Create games.


Sight: Using a theme of some kind. There was a governor used star wars in all her meetings.

Smell: if I were to use the word gasoline, it evokes a response. Use something that evokes smells.

Touch:   something can be passed around, if that is not possible use words to evoke memories of touch.

Sound evokes emotions, use vocal variety

Taste mime would be best.

Some tips

  1. Be descriptive
  2. Be dynamic with amplified gestures and props
  3. Be organized
  4. Be careful of overloading.




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