Well I say – goohd-better-best.


Last evening we had a performance.

My husband saw it, and said, well it was not your standard, but it was not bad either.

My mother’s response to this was,”Once something becomes good, then there is pressure to better in next time. If it has gone bad then you have to be careful that your image does not go bad”

It was like a warning bell, if I did well-meant, a pressure to do better, so don’t do great mediocre does not demand much effort to better, like slowly building stamina you can slowly expand your strength in micro-molecules, how convenient.

Why can’t we experience this project in its totality, evaluate it within the parameters of this project, in this case the raw material was 13 absolutely raw students, twenty run through, well given this action the product was good.

Next time I need to create the reverse paradigm, work what is the end result, then put in resources to match that. Say 50 run through, after that how much of space is left for learning? Can the artists learn in that span.

the bottom line of a project I would say, is what is the goal of that project, what do I want to create in this project, what is the time I have to create this result, have I achieved it.

we are so obsessed with competition, good-better-best, preferable with some one outside, if not at least ourselves. unfortunately the yardstick of achievement or betterment, is defined by someone else and not us.


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