Is an emotion we don’t like to own.

When we start the process of evolving to our higher selves we find interesting insights including our great blind spot that houses jealousy.

Jealousy is in a way a mask for fear. A fear that we are not able to get, or achieve our goals while somebody else is.

In a way it is a miserly or a stingy emotion, the old adage that there is place for only one on the top. We do not allow for multiplicity, abundance. It also strips us off the power to look at options.

We limit ourselves to an extent where we can only be jealous and not go out and take action. Think about this, jealousy could act as a motivator.

We are jealous of someone because they are achieving what we would love to achieve, here  goes take a check—

Who Why Call to action
My sister Has a studio Fix the spare room, or create a workstation
My friend jyoti Writes hilarious articles Try writing one,  my brand of humour I realized was not slapstick but more dry
Amish tripati Published his book I need to go and find a publisher and publish my manuscripts.

It’s just a small step, but it needs to be done.

When jealousy pops its head next, thank your stars that the green fodder is here. May be that’s why the colour of jealousy is green. Green for growth, the point where the inner you wants to grow.


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