If I did take a risk


This theme seems to recur about –why am I getting stuck?Image

I am actually dealing with massive non-happening project. Taking stock of the situation I can only conclude that I expected a situation to be right perfect movements of one area and then go on to the other. The class went haywire.

We are so bothered about looking good, that we do not want to venture.

This I thought applied to various areas of my life, i am too old something or the other to function effectively.  I realized when I said I am not confident of doing something, it meant I cannot do it perfectly.

It is safer to deal with known.

Coming to think of it, if I did not have to do things perfectly I would try my hand at

Well nothing else really.

If you thought taking risks is about artists only, I remember my highly successful surgeon father Dr,P.N.Srinivasa Rao who told me, ”Surgery is about taking that calculated risk. Each time open a patient it is a risk”

Just try this out, “If I did not have to take the risk I would….”


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