House of God


ImageI was at the Landmark Forum.

There I met an interesting person Venugopal. He is the coordinator for Landmark communication program. It was quite an eye opener talking to him.

He asked me what my take on myself was. I said, ”harsh, critical ” his response was you are a doctor, if I were to cut you open do you think you would find this area is harsh, open whatever?

These are labels that you have given yourself.

You are infinite possibility.

His next question was bigger puzzle and a greater eye-opener he asked me “Do you believe in God?” I guess the answer is “Yes” (I am on the fence when it comes to this.)

“Then were is God?” he asked

“In me” QED obvious answer.

“So what does that make you?” — For once my smart-alack inner prompter took a holiday.

“A temple” he told me. “So when you say negative things, or uncomplimentary things about yourself, you are defiling your temple, you are no better than a terrorist every time you do it.” The epiphany was no doubt unpleasant.

Ponder on this he said,you are really angry only for a moment, after which you are only carrying the feeling,if that could instigate you to do X things if you could carry the euphoria of positivism you could create much more. You are the storehouse of infinite creativity, you are the possibility of inexhaustible energy can you even estimate the potential for transformation you have.”

I really did not like this guy he wants me to accept responsibility, something that I always stepped aside neatly to stay secure in safety net.

But yes I am confronted with the confrontation. If this does ring a bell for any off keep a message for me, let’s have a conversation.

*all writings in italic is the input from my smart Alec-self.


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