The Quality World.


Quality World (QW) is a word that Dr.William Glassner the pioneer of Choice Theory uses to describe the location in our brain to relate our memories fo people, ideas , or systems of belief that we perceive as need fulfilling. This is why each one of our reality is different from others.

These pictures are:

  • Pictures of past experience
  • Pictures of future aims
  • Sometimes these pictures could also be painful.

Nature of pictures

  • These pictures meet one or more basic needs
  • Pictures are changing and changeable.
  • They unique
  • Often in conflict with each other
  • Vary in levels of intensity
  • Vary in levels of attainability

Best education experience is the one that helps people create new pictures.

Knowing our QW helps us recognize our needs and create actions to achieve them or if they are unrealistic they put us in the realistic plane.


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