anger management.


ImageAnger management,

we are told that anger is one of the deadly sins. well maybe anger is something that is misunderstood.

How books, workshops and therapy sessions happen?

Yet anger is an invitation, from you to yourself for anger is an eye opener.

We act in anger, new upon anger…

Anger is a voice, a shout, a plea, a demand we need to listen and respect. It actually shows the way. It also shows us where we are limited.

For example

“He/ she picked my brain and whacked the credit” would mean honey you need to have more faith in yourself or take yourself more seriously.

“I could do better than that” I would like to but a big operative word, we limit ourselves with it.

Unlike sloth, apathy and despair anger is a friend though not gentle, comforting or nice  much more loyal. It tells us where we betray our selves.


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