Diaper backward spells repaid. Think about it…



No more soaking,Image

The image this conjures?  A woman with a toddler and a bucket of dirty diapers, a toddler in a puddle,

But believe me we have only changed one soak to the other, when I see the fall out of diapers and sanitary towels, I feel like shouting no more soaking pad, and diapers, use cloth,  give it a hot water treatment after wards.

When we say diapers,

The crappy advts. That come with

  • “kid sleeps through the night so he grows.”
  • Wet diapers lead to serious chest infections.
  • Wet cotton diapers lead to rashes.

The great brand of diapers come and the child is free of “unhygienic factors ” so the child is closer to achieving super person status.!!!

Well young parents, before you buy that huggies, biggies and poko-pads, just look around we are second only to china when it comes to population, so obviously…

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