Anger Management By Sakku Bai.


ImageSakku the daily help who comes to my house, while Lakshmamma better known as Yechamma manages my kitchen.

I have never seen Sakku throw a tantrum or get angry.

When any of her “Ladies ” make an unreasonably (by Bai ethics) demand she stays unruffled.

From what Yechamma says she has a fiend of a mother-in-law to quote yechamma”awla atteya.. olle rakshasi”

I nearly came to crowning sakku with a coronet when one day I heard her mutter

“nin-janmaka” literally translating for the life of you, while it meant to hell with you. This I discovered was the secret of her anger management.

She trashed the clothes with all her might, it went

Breathe in bang the clothes,

Raise the waddling pad,

Swear along with breathe out and strike it with all your might.

Eavesdroppers never hear anything good about themselves, I heard her name each of her employers, ranting against them under her breath, and then releasing it with nin-janmaka.

When it was strike out she rinsed the clothes, wrung with out with some more mutterings, and subsequently let a sigh of relief,

This I realized was anger management hands on, of course non-glamorous, but effective, multipurpose and more economic than paying a counsellor or kick-boxing.

The same can be said about kneading the dough.

Maybe its time we took stock of the technical revolution.


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