A smile


ImageWhen I was a medical college student there was a sticker that my friend owned it said, “Smile the world smiles with you, cry and you cry alone.” Smiles is a mile long word between two‘s’ this is an action that makes profound difference to the person who smiles, and the person who receives the smile.

Naomi, my neighbour is an absolute average featured face, but when she smiles, her eyes light up; it is so magnetic that we call her 1000watts. Or mega smile.

What does the smile days, it is very vocal, it says”hey, I am glad I met you, you make my day.” It also says “I’m not hostile to you”

Smile even when you don’t feel like the unsmiling eyes, gets emphasized in a moment you can become an intriguing as Mona Lisa or as menacing as Hitler.

There was this person, who drained us when she came into our space, the tragedy of her life, dominated her, actually that was more tragic, when someone is fighting cancer 100o of temperature does not seem a big deal. So don’t share your thought unless it is positive.

Ever since I have become a consultant at a popular airhostess training centre, I come across people wanting that perfect smile.  Orthodontics is like Botox, it can only create an image, but you need to breathe life into it, with the corner of your eyes crinkling when you smile, the entire eyes, lighting up like a bulb, the corner of your lip need not visible raise, nor do you need to exhibit your dentition.

Unfortunately the Botox crowd has eliminated its efficiency in the corner of the eye crinkling.


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