Fresh fruits and Tobacco


ImageFresh Fruit and Tobacco.

The smart Aleck tobacco addict that I know claimed the halo of vegetarianism because he claimed tobacco was plant extract.

Well jokes apart, Public Health researchers at the university at Buffalo think fruits and veggies could help to quit smoking.

The Journal Nicotine and Tobacco research published an observational study of 1000 American adult smokers and they found those who ate more fruits and vegetables smoked less they were also less likely to slip back.

The research was done by conducting telephonic interviews with smoker participants and using random digit dialling. The participants were 25 yrs and older. They were followed up fourteen months later.

People eating more fruits and vegetables could abstain for longer from smoking, they could also put off longer from smoking the first cigarette of the day getting lower nicotine dependence scores. This was true across age, gender, and ethnicity, level of education, income and attitudes around health. They could survive 30 days of being tobacco free over the people who ate less fruits and vegetables.

Previous studies have compared diets of smokers and non-smokers said Gary Giovino the chairman of the Department of community Health and Health Behaviour. They knew that people on abstinence from cigarette consumed more fruits and vegetables but they did not know if increasing vegetables and fruits helped quitting, hence the study.

The test could of course not identify particular fruits, and allowances have to be made for self reporting, of the participants that is they might over-estimate eating habits and underestimate their tobacco consumption.

Improved nutrition, high fiber content making people feel full or the fact that these foods do not pair well with cigarettes could all be the cause for this. Fruits and vegetables could worsen the taste of cigarettes.

More research would be needed to determine if these findings can be replicated and if they can to identify the mechanics. The roles of other dietary components in smoking cessation need to be researched too.Image

Journal Article Reference:

Haibach JP, Homish GG, Giovino GA.A Longitudinal Evaluation of Fruit and Vegetable Consumption and Cigarette Smoking. Nicotine Tob Res. 2012 May 21.[Article / Pubmed ]


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