the language



The method of human communications, either spoken or written, consisting of the use of words in a structured and conventional way.

It is also non verbal method of expression or communication, the language of gestures and facial expressions.

Any castle buffs here in yesterday’s episode, Beckett, tells a doctor speaking technical terms ”English” immediately the speaker speaks simple language that can be understood. Essentially understanding a language translating understanding the ethos.

Coming to my pet peeve, Oriflame and its training, we had two trainers from Bombay, who asked the audience Hindi or English, now this is strange, when you are in goa the option should have been English or Konkani, English is a widely understood language here. Two dominant voices that said Hindi and the trainers lapsed into Hindi. This was a pain to follow since the trainer Priyanka spoke a colloquial Hindi which many people are not familiar with.

Speaking in Konkani would mean relating to the ethos of goa,  relating to large travel distances without facilities, understanding the lack of public transport after 7.30pm. This where companies are insensitive to the place where they want to build business and begin to enforce their cultural needs.

Now that my personal racket is over, lets come back to language, if I were to give a discourse on bone adjustments after denture use, I would lose my patient, I need to explain to the patient in the language he or she understands.

When I deal with things in my clinic I look at

  • What is the issue the patient wants to resolve?
  • What are the steps I need to resolve the issue
  • How do I sell the solution to my patient?

This sale would need, move forward words. That would help me build a relationship with the patient he should be comfortable and he should trust me.

Simple etiquettes like Please, thank you, excuse me sorry go a long way.  I need to use words like us instead of you because I should be on the same team as my patient if I have to resolve his issue.

A colleague of mine says his company has done away with the use of the pronoun I it has to be us.

The hold back words that would create a barrier that has be avoided. I could be number one in my life, but the other person is number one in his life. The language I communicate in should be his and not mine.

Remember Aamir’s elaborate definition of “book” in three idiots, that’s it; we don’t want a story when the word book suffices. Commitment—the integrity of words– like salman khan ek bhaar commit karliya to apne aap ka bhi mat suno, if you cannot honour an appointment, call up and reschedule. Of course then there are those commandments.

  • Keep religion, sex and politics out.
  • Easy on slangs
  • No profanity, not even fish, and shoot.

As a task sheet try these key areas for a week each start with move forward words adding the next skill and see how it functions for you. Give me a feed back.

Further reading

  • Ten greatest salesmen-what they say about selling—Robert shook.
  • Yak! Yak! Yak—Ira Hayes.

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