ImageWow! What wonderful day

The infection called enthusiasm.

This is the magical ingredient that makes us productive. You can call it energy, vigor, dynamism whatever. But it is the energy.

This in turn is the direct of shoot of your confidence in yourself.

Many of us feel our energy levels are low so where do we summon this  energy from. Well here is an exercise try it out for a month and give me a feed back.

Pick something that you really care about,it should be something that really excites you. Even to keep going once the initial romance wears off. Remember the last 15% of the race is crucial.for thats where fatigue sets in.

Now create a finish line, say its your book create a date to meet the publisher.  In addition to your writing it would involve finding a publisher, an editor and maybe even a publicist, basically all the support system. This creates a momentum, a sense of excitement, a sense of anticipation that’s what kicks up the enthusiasm.

There will be times when you go down, then you need a pep up charger, sometimes a cup of coffee is fine, but mostly staleness is recharged with fresh energy, interact with a friend who can energize you, i talk to my colleague Dr.Jyothi Rao,  when she is down I hope I can charge her up.

Get in touch with your inner child. Louise Hay actually swings,  from a tree it is the child like anticipation, wonderment of life that keeps us from being cynical or jaded or falling back in our journey.

When there is a slip for gods sake don’t beat yourself, just look at the mirror and say”Buddy your the best, it’s so many miles to Babylon”and we get right back to track.

Here is the experiment sheet for you.

  • you are the best, so stay  tuned.
  • Look at yourself in the eye in a mirror, and promise”I am going to make today the best day in my life.”
  • Pick your pet passions create the possibility I mean the end result, they way you want it not the way you think it will be.–>  if need arises give your self an incentive. à identify your charger à act with anticipation.

Many times we are faced with this ethical issue, of how do we let down a friend who is an energy drainer.

There are two ways of dealing with this.

  1. Honour the person’s negativity and help them to create their healing.
  2. Amputate the person from your space.

What I did and it worked for me, is I told this friend that she had to give me an energy exchange, it could be cash or kind. But this was after putting up with her negativity for five years.

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