On positive thinking.



The panacea of all non-success.  Somehow just doing the positivity exercise or trying affirmations did not really give me the success rate either personally or any of my mentee’s 

It was only at the Landmark Education Forum did I figure where the lacunae was, we tend to pump in positive without flushing the negative that’s on one side, on the other we do not really open the necessary windows to let in the breeze.

Affirmations are fortifying thoughts that help you but it’s the action that helps us through.

It’s our actions that get us the result, and we act only when we are confident.

Each time there is a breakdown we see why, forget the gate man who forgot to man the gate and let the cows in, we have to work at two levels

  • Symptomatic or damage control. That tides over immediately
  • Resolve the cause that is a permanent solution.

Being pushy and aggressive could be annoying, what is more lasting is inspiring confidence, and asserting without being aggressive. This helps you conserve your energy to your betterment. Actually confidence is built with three things

  • Widened outlook
  • Re-invention
  • Thinking both in and out of the box.

Outlook is the way we look at life, for that’s the way we look at other, and the way we think others look at us. It’s like a coin with two faces.

Take your pet peeve or breakdown write down and write your point of view, now as an experiment try to write the other side of it.  Many times you will come up with great insights breakthroughs. (I Love this word of Asma’s breakthrough)

Stop being negative is a stupid order I would say acknowledge the negative. Why are you inhibited, what is the block, put it on paper now work to break the block. That is to say clean the garbage.

Remember the sacred Lore of samudra manthan, when the ocean was churned a lot of poisonous fumes came up this was called the Halahala, this had to eliminated before it eliminated the world. So Lord Shiva drunk it up.  Now that the halahala is eliminated you can pour in, the positive.

I don’t say hope for hope subtly implies no success. It is does not ensure.

One way of trying this out, it write your problem on a white board, place the white board on the right end of the room, now walk to the left end and on the white board there write all the excuses, reasons than you know, now walk back to the right corner thinking of how to break the block, may thinking of the problem in its diametrically opposite view?

If you work from the point that you are successful then you will be successful it’s just the matter of finding the breakthrough.

This was an exercise that worked well with many people though bits of practise do get this. Some of my mentee’s required almost of a week of guided practise before they could handle this on their own.

  • Choose a quiet place, where you are not likely to be distracted.
  • List the things you plan for the day,
  • Visualize each task and visualize achieving your goal in that task.
  • Be aesthetically attired.
  • Visualize your first interaction, other than with your family, smile-> say hello->and go through the key points of your interaction. Do this for each of your task/appointments on the list.

Remember TAT TWAM ASI you are that, if you acknowledge that you are an achiever, you are an achiever.

Your task sheet:

  • Widen your outlook.
  • Toss your prejudices (if you have issues with this get in touch we’ll work to break this bearer.)
  • Make a  pace-pact for yourself where you can trouble shoot negativity.
  • Use your think-power
  • Put a poster, which says “the world sees me the way I see myself.

Work on this and give me a feed back.


Suggested further reading.

Self mastery through conscious auto suggestion~Emile Cove

Power of positive thinking ~Dr.Norman Vincent Peale.


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