Grooming check list


As a corporate personal health care trainer one area that I am constantly requested to address is the area of personal hygiene and grooming.

In this introductory part I am just listing the headlines we shall go through these more diligently and if any one has any queries do feel free to ask, if you need some kind of privacy then mail it to

This is the first committeemen we do to ourselves.

  • Bathe everyday in India where the weather is sultry, twice a day is fine too. Use a cologne that is not too loud or overpowering.
  • Take care of your hair—shampoo, regularly
    • Take care that dandruff is not visible
    • Keep it well combed and brushed.
  • Men shave as often as required, maybe you would have to have an extra razor at office, the 5 O’clock shadow does look pathetic.
  • Women if you are using make up keep it subtle.
  • Manicure regularly. For men it is a personal choice, women opt for nail colours that suit your hands more than trendy ones unless your profession calls for it.  If men are prone to nail bed infection then use a nail varnish to protect your nails. Trimmed Nails are essential.  No matter what the Fashionista says.
  • Nicotine stains are a definite no-no.
  • Keep physically trim. Start exercise today—we shall go through some later on.
  • Check your posture.

Through the forthcoming articles we shall work through each one.


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