bathingBathin’ bricht.

In http://corporatehealthtrainer.wordpress.com/2014/04/01/whats-th-min/ dealt with part two of the challenge what’s the smell boss,

But part one is more important.

The bath, ever thought of it, the bath I don’t mean the noun or destination like the Turkish bath’s or the baths from Barbara Cartland I am talking about the abhyanjana, or the bath.

The early morning ritual bath, the hot water bath what actually does this do. There are different activities, or energy utilizations, conversions happening within our bodies these collectively kind of explain the term Agni used in ayurveda. One such activity is what happens on the skin.

Our knowledge of physics lets us appreciate that when heat is applied there is an expansion of surface. Or loosing of matter.

Massaging with oil, helps us to release tissue stress, if there are any trapped toxins they are channelized towards the sweat duct for expulsion.  The external pollutants and dead cells get dislodged. When washed off with hot water the pores get dilated and these tissue toxins get expelled out. The exterior of the skin becomes more porous allowing localized tissue diffusion of nutrients and oxygen making the skin healthier and giving that glow as its improves peripheral circulation.  This is one reason why postpartum care includes hot water bath.

Ayurveda also suggests seasonal fragrances like, sandalwood, lotus, and jasmine during autumn and   summer. Though I prefer the lavender fragrance. The direct effect of hot water bath

  • Pain relief
  • Detoxification.
  • Debridement of dead tissue
  • Strengthening of muscle and firming of tissue, it is a medhahari or reduces flab.

bath tubA hot shower in the morning is a great way to channelize your energy.

  1. Set the shower to required temperature.
  2. Let yourself under the shower for about 5 minutes, ensuring the entire body surface is wet.
  3. Wet a bath mitten pour the bath gel and rub your body with small circular movements working from feet up.
  4. Run the shower to wash off the lather, working the lather downwards.
  5. Turn the hot water off, and stay under the shower till the water turns cold.
  6. Pat yourself dry, rub in moisturizer   and you are set for the day.


5 steps to cleansing the body to relax.

  1. If you are using a bath, then fill it with warm water, but do not make it too hot as this could increase your heart beat and make it difficult for you to sleep. You could add some crystals or mineral salts that will add to feeling of being in a spa
  2. Lie in the warm water immersing as much of your body as possible, close your eyes, or put on eyes pads and relax for at least ten minutes.
  3. Using bath mittens concentrate on washing your body from top to toe, working from the feet upward. Pour a little body shampoo on the mitten for a deep cleansing treatment. Use gentle circular movements and take time to focus on pampering yourself in your own private sanctuary.
  4. Soak for another ten minutes adding more warm water if necessary and meanwhile work on the acupressure points on the soles of the feel, and lower legs.
  5. Rinse off excessive lather and dry yourself thorough with a warm towel. Massage a non-greasy body lotion all over the body. Have a good night’s sleep.

recoldWhen you think of it, hot water is like your own private elixir delivered in your own personal sanctuary.


Wee bite big threat.

graft courtsey WHO, IVM

graph  courtsey WHO, IVM

Small bite big threat.

April 7th is the world Health Day.

This year WHO  has dedicated it to the cause of vector borne diseases and campaign is

So what actually is a vector borne disease, it is a form of zoonosis, or disease transmitted by animals. Here the animals such as mosquito, bugs, ticks, flies and freshwater snails are the disease carriers.  These animals transmit the disease person to person and place to place.

The  sometimes the insects are the primary hosts, sometimes they are the secondary hosts and the transmission occurs from through contaminated water or food, or at times directly through bites.

Poorly designed irrigation and water system, inadequate housing, poor waste disposal and water storage deforestation and loss of biodiversity are call the factors contributing to the vector borne disease spread.

WHO has taken on itself to help families living in the disease area to protect themselves. It also creases awareness in travellers about the disease allowing them to take adequate precautions. Working with the environment is another area that WHO has begun works in.

WHO has come up with an Integrated Vector Management (IVM) strategy that is designed to achieve disease control in a cost effective manner and minimize damage to biodiversity. The IVM uses multiple method of vector control, stressing the importance of understanding the local vector ecology and local patterns of disease transmission and then choosing the appreciate vector control tools from the available options.

This includes

  • Environment management strategies to eliminate vector breeding grounds.
  • Using biologic controls like bacterial larvicides and larvivorous fish.

Chemical methods are used when other methods fail.

Trails have been conducted using insecticide treated bed-nets.

IVM requires a multi sectorial approach for disease control, for example, health impact assessments of new infrastructure development this can help in identifying potential impact on vector borne diseases. IVM is not a panacea for all disease but it does create a sustainable reduction in disease and transmission rates. IVM  field experiences have been documented as cost-effective terms of disease control and potential generators of economic co-benefits in terms of development and growth.

When it came to our contribution we wondered what we could do other than blog, write or conducted meaningless seminars.  We realized that we needed to come with a comprehensive preventive health care program which the department of public health has done, but is unable to implement due to the sheer lack of manpower.

But before we even get there can we take our responsibilities as citizens and healthcare professionals a little more seriously and find out couple of things, like who is the healthcare provider I don’t mean the private practitioner I mean the person from the primary healthcare center. How can we connect with them and the environmentalists to ensure we have in harmony with nature and biodiversity.


The reservoir of Peace.


The reservoir of Peace.

off  late with practising the lessons learnt from Landmark Curriculum for living along with constant self healing practises like hypnosis, I noticed the world seems a bit more peaceful. Bit more in order.

It then dawned on me that peace came from within—i cannot bring to the world what I do not have to offer.  I would look at the outside world; find a state of chaos, disorder. And feel compelled to get aggressive to bring what my concept of peace and harmony was. I would then be disappointed that my attempts failed.  But I as I realized that I was not at peace with myself, disharmony and aggression would manifest around me

It then occurred to me, that peace started within me, and peace within me came about when I weeded out the weeds. That happened only when I did a check of my own relation with peace. My relationship with peace was very conflicted on one side I wanted peace, but my inner belief was conflict was essential for growth. I had equated peace with stillness, non-growth, and a state of stagnation.

Once I experience the peace, it was a nest, the earthing that anchored me from there I found my creativity could soar without fear. My logic and reasoning were independent of my personal pettiness. Not that I have attained Buddha-hood, but I do know when that bit of reverse current or causes a turmoil in my peace capsizing my growth.

Interestingly what I realized that people who manifest peace internally were not really different from me, they have the chattering thoughts and troubled emotions like me, the difference was they did not lend their energy to it, so the thoughts and feelings simply rose and fell away like the oceanic waves, without disturbing the deep calm waters within.

Once i released that I could choose how to distribute my energy and with practise came more serenity the vibrations of conflict have begun to replace the vibration of peace.  The surface disturbance does not threaten my internal peace. I am able to dive into the stillness and choose to respond to the surface disturbance.

The process though requires tremendous effort on my part still, someday I hope to make it my natural state.

Whats th’ min’?


smell and memoryDealing with smelly people. Make a fresh start with a hot water bath each day. So next time you meet a smelly person ask the person,”whats the smell boss.”—with this Racold—Indiblogger team is actually talking about two major questions with two sub-question each.

Let’s talk about dealing with smelly people,

Have you ever wondered why people smell? I remember my grandfather Parameshwar Rao, he would return from working in the fields, there was an earthy odor that surrounded him, he would have definitely sweated a lot, but what lingered around him was only a faint whiff of soil, this is because sweat is sterile and odorless the stench arises from the bacteria that grows on a sweaty medium, but men of that generation were comfortable with their bodies, so they worked outdoors with only a lungi on!! The wind dried the sweat taking away the moisture needed for bacterial growth and the sunlight rendered any potential sterile.

Someone smelling does not really mean that the person is unclean there is so much more to odor,

To quote my Physiology teacher Dr.P.L.Rao the magic of smell is grossly underplayed. It is very vital to our every day existence; it is the sense of smell that gives us our security alerts. It is the smell that gives the first hint of trouble, or rather the loss of smell.

Have you entered a building when its inhabitants are moving out, what is left behind is a stale odor, of sweat, maybe stagnant water, a kind of sewage-kind of mustiness, to me this is both the sad and the hopeful aspect of life, sadness of a goodbye and anticipation of new life with new fragrances, well that not we are talking about, neither are we talking about the physiology of smell,.. The Smellisande’s are what were are dealing with.

So why do people smell…? This is my opening question when I take seminars on Oral and Personal hygiene.

The answer that I always get is … because someone has not had bath, or someone is unclean.

Well that is not wrong but that is not right either.

Do you know unwashed clothes, or even if you have walked through a strong smell that smell lingers on your clothes, hair, skin. So now what?

The much maligned sweat is very very essential, it has a defense function in the human physiology

  • It keeps the body temperature down.
  • It helps to flush out toxins.
  • It has the lingering odors of the sexual hormones that send out mating signals.

Sweat is odorless in its emitted state, and most of any hint of odor, is dissipated in the atmosphere. What does cause the odour is the subsequent bacterial growth. The tendency from the sweat stench is greater when people wear synthetics.  This is because the protein rich, moist sweaty area is conducive for bacterial growth and proliferation, sunlight the natural inhibitor of bacterial colonies is screened out by the clothing.

During growth, the body creates hormones, these gets expelled from the body through sweat unfortunately socially we have learnt to associate this with unclean bodies, but this is the way to the body signalling the readiness of the Male to mate.

Another very strong causative of body odor, is the food eaten, food with strong odors, particularly garlic, jack-fruit, mango tends to expel excessive toxin through sweat, this causes a body odor.

There is a classical fish odor, that emerges from Hepatic or liver being compromised like a mousey odor is emitted from the hair due to fungal proliferation in the scalp.

There are women who emit menstrual odor both from their breath, and body.

With body odor having so many source of origin, how would say … buddy whats the smell?

recoldIn fact many times executives ask me, “Madam how do you tell someone, that they have halitosis or bad body odor?” maybe I should advocate being subtle, or tell them diplomatic ways, but I usually suggest that take the person for a private talk and be honest, of course sandwich the information with an introductory appreciation, and conclude it with offer of help.

On a personal note, cold shower in the morning, hot shower in the night, abstinence from strong odor food and wearing natural fabric is the best way. Drink at least 2 liters of water a day.


Goal setting.


goal settingGoal setting

Be it landmark education forum, be it louise hay every one talks of goal setting. That is one place where I have for ever been foxed.

Creating goals made me feel very empowered, but then I would get so attached to them, that in case I did not achieve them I would feel cheated, it was an internal dialogue that said oh! You are not cable of achieving. Worse still I would hear it in whatever anyone said.

Then there was the great background score of my mother’s voice telling me “You are not as good as your cousin, forget being as good as her you are not enough eligible to clean her crap!! ” the words used to be said with such conviction so often that I have landed up believing it.

Another great refrain was criticism is for your benefit, if you are acknowledged or praised for an achievement that will make you arrogant and complacent , more important the world ridicule you, but its your family and well-wisher who criticize and take you task for they have only your good in mind.

The first stage of goal setting for me was healing these two surgeries performed on me.  That’s when I did healing the inner child. After which when worked goal setting it has been wonderful. Let me share a simple technique that I learnt in Shakti Gawain workshop.

Write down categories one on each sheet.

  1. Personal growth/education.
  2. Work/career
  3. Creative expressions
  4. Money
  5. Lifestyle/possessions
  6. Leisure/travel.

When this is done she made us add in world situation/environment. In a fresh sheet write out the 12 most important ones, put down the 12 in the frame-work of my goals to be achieved in 5yrs, now do the same but for 1yr.

It is a great idea to put this down in a notebook I mean the one year one. and carry around with you. Some ground rules however do exist.

  • The short-term goals have to realistic and achievable
  • Every achievement has to be acknowledged.
  • You make not achieve some goals, you may outgrow or drift from some that is okay.

It is just that when we have jotted down it becomes defined and not nebulous. Somewhere we are acknowledging our dreams, and accepting that we are important enough to have our dreams fulfilled.


Clearing Blocks.


closureI had reached the bottom line of my patience, with a patient of mine; I shall call her Sunita for want of another name.  She had terrible stress symptoms, with the jaw bone attrition, sleep disturbance, she would walk into a room and negativity would spill.

So long side with dental treatment we put her on counselling and life coaching each week for three months she would pour out her sob story so much so one of our colleagues used to say she enjoys the entire drama.  When we could request her to keep a journal she would not, morning pages no.

Out of sheer frustration I laid out the fable cards, fable cards are very similar to Tarot cards except that they focused on healing and are not predictive.  When we laid out the cards, what emerged was Promises…

So I told her”sunitha, there are some promises in your life that are not meet, and some that you have not honoured, these are not letting you move one.”

We told her list the promises made to you, free the people from them. And as for promises that she made we told her honour what you can what you cannot honour acknowledge the failure, re-promise or apologise.  My colleague (Dr.Archana who writes for the web) was very sceptic that we could crack things.

Suddenly at 3pm she calls me up and says,”doc, I have 16 pages written, can I come and see you tomorrow,?” well a week is week so we told her to stick to the week and guess what when she turned up for the weekly she has done morning pages she has acknowledged that she needs to resolve issues with both her mother and her daughter. It was like massive roadblocks being cleared.

These blocks tend to be in patterns, quite repetitive. One very simple way to deal with this is:

  • Just write down I cannot have this … that is whatever you are not having because of… this, which is whatever the obstacle you think is.
  • Once you have exhausted your list, get specific.
  • List all the traits in you that you think is obstructing your path, you will see a pattern. Please do this with a life coach or some back up because this can bring about lot of memories and emotions.
  • Create healing affirmations,
  • Give the attitude list a decent burial.

With Sunita since promises were the issue, we asked her to list broken promises to her, and by her after which we worked the closure. The issue could be different may be hurt, wrongs, whatever the principle of healing is the same.

One other thing that worked very rapidly for me, is affirmation, the affirmation should be done in first person, second person and third person. Now this really helps to identify and release the block.


Conversation Journal


journalingOne tool that helped me sort myself towards healing is what I call my Conversation Document. People have called this dairy, journal, or creative visualization book whatever. I started this after I read the book conversation with God. I picked up a five subject notebook. Initially it was a complaint book, but then I realized that complaining was only re-enforcing the negative, so I decided to put in things like

Inspiring thoughts


The Thank God list – for the good things in life, appreciating small things that happen.

Outflow—in the sense how can I contribute to the society. Money, love, affection, knowledge sharing etc.

Success list what do you think you have achieved so far.

Self esteem list – things that make me feel good about me. This is not about ego. I feel good after cleaning up the house and working in my terrace garden.

People in my life who need healing and affirmation

Finally a fantasy list—anything that I look forward to happening in the future. It could be silly ambitious anything but I began putting it down. Many of the farfetched things I had asked for myself have worked.